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Through Property Management services, we oversee and operate the properties of our customers while treating them as our own. Each customer receives an online portal account. Through this portal customers are constantly updated of the events and can see the status of their properties. The portal also acts as a means of communication between the property manager and the customer. Concerns or requests sent through this portal by the customer are logged as tickets which are assigned to the property managers without delay.

Our property listings include options such as Villas, apartments, plots/lands, individual houses and commercial properties in Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Vizag and Guntur. Recently, sub-urban properties boasting great lifestyles have been added to our property listings. If our listings do not meet your Buy Property requirements, a dedicated consultant who has expert knowledge of property market will be assigned to help in identifying the property matching your needs.

Our Property Management Services Include

Property Management Services

Rent Collection

Rental payments are generally made through online means; however, if for any reason it is not, we will ensure the timely collection of rents by checks and arrange payments to the owner. A log of all monthly payments will reside in the portal.

Property Management Services

Regular property inspections

We conduct quarterly property inspections to avoid major problems in the future. A property inspection report would be available on the owner's portal. The inspection report will include images if necessary.

Property Management Services

Preparing Inventory and Performing Inventory Check

We prepare an inventory before the start of the lease and perform the inventory check when a tenant vacates. In the event of any discrepancy, the outgoing owner/tenant will be provided with appropriate suggestions based on the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

Property Management Services

Assist in payment of bills

Due dates for payments such as property tax will be kept in our database and paid well in advance of the due date. The condominium expenses such as telephone, internet, monthly membership fee, water bills are borne by the tenant. However, all these invoices will be handled if a vacant period arises between the lease. All invoices will be uploaded to the portal for reference.

Property Management Services

Assist in repairs and maintenance

The request for maintenance work by the tenant or the owner, through our portal or through a phone call would involve a visit to the property to evaluate the work required. All problems will be managed through a ticketing system provided by our online portal; while, the emerging and low-cost problems registered by a tenant will be opened and resolved immediately without the owner's approval, all other requests will await the owner's approval. Please note that all tickets collected for a property will notify the owner via email. Any problems that arise or not will be solved by our contractor team through our supervision. Once the correction is complete, all the details of the correction in terms of cost, type of correction will be hosted in the portal.

Property Management Services

Renewal of Lease

Notifications relating to the expiration dates of the lease will be sent to the owner and the tenant. We will proactively guarantee the renewal of the lease if the tenant wishes to continue after the end of the term. Once again, the lease documents will be uploaded and notified on the portal.

Tenant Management

We actively aid the owners and tenants through a series of services leading to an agreement for rent between the owner and the tenant. Owners register their properties through our portal to show up in our listings. And, our listings are maintained diligently and never extend thus allowing an easy tenant search process. Our property listings for rent include options such as Villas, apartments, plots/lands, individual houses and commercial properties in Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Vizag and Guntur

Plot/Site Monitoring

We believe that every piece of land, inherited or hard earned, is valuable. However, vacant land is susceptible to encroachment and other undesired actions. Our services ensure that a given plot is legally and physically safeguarded against these issues. We thereafter provide an online view of all documents and pictures of the property through our portal.

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